Slowbakes™ are high energy, slow release brownies. Each brownie is packed full of sustainably sourced ingredients that should see you through in fighting form from your first bite on.

We designed Slowbakes™ for individuals struggling to gain or maintain weight. Whether the cause is illnesses, long-term conditions or an active lifestyle, we want to support you with our unique product. Every bar is packed full of quality ingredients, mixed in tasty flavour combinations, slow-baked to retain more of the nutritional value and delivered to you in handy packs.

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Quality Ingredients, perfectly prepared

With care at every step on the way, you can be sure what you are eating

Sports, endurance and emergency rations

Why shouldn't energy foods be delicious, nutritious and a pleasure to eat?

Weight gain and stabilisation

Slowbakes™ can help you regain or maintain your target weight

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